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Biobased amphiphiles combining oligosaccharides and fatty acid derivatives

Biobased amphiphiles combining oligosaccharides and fatty acid derivatives figure

Category: Ph D.

Duration: 36 months

Team: Biopolymers and bio-sourced polymers

Funding: ITERG (50%) - Nouvelle Aquitaine Council (50%)

Laboratory: LCPO (Bordeaux) and IC2MP (Poitiers)

Applicant profile

Applicants should hold a Master degree in organic and/or macromolecular synthesis. An expertise in surfactant physico-chemistry would be a plus. Teamwork abilities and good skills in English are required.

Project summary

Based on already existing collaborations between LCPO (Bordeaux) and ITERG (Bordeaux) on the one hand and between LCPO (Bordeaux) and IC2MP ( Poitiers) on the other hand, the objectives of this research project are to design bio-sourced surfactants, via green/sustainable methodologies, and to study their physico-chemical properties. These amphiphilic derivatives will consist of a hydrophilic part of oligosaccharide type exhibiting different structural signatures (degree of polymerization, functionalization, etc.) and of a hydrophobic part obtained from lipid derivatives. The synthesis of these biobased amphiphiles will be at the heart of the project with particular attention to the coupling methodologies between the two constitutive parts of the amphiphilic derivative. Controling the structure of these amphiphilic derivatives and their physicochemical properties should make possible to orient research towards the most promising fields of application and to increase the performance of these molecules.