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Elastic Films From Copolymer Dispersions

Elastic Films From Copolymer Dispersions figure

Category: Post docs

Duration: 6 months

Team: Polymerization catalyses and engineering

Contacts : Daniel Taton

Applicant profile

We are seeking for a motivated person with skills in macromolecular synthesis and in physico-chemistry of polymeric materials.

Project summary

The proposed work aims at developing dispersions of new copolymers, optimizing these syntheses (i.e. minimizing the number of steps, reducing the amounts of solvents, obtaining chemically pure compounds).  The structuring of related copolymers in the form of films will be also investigated. More generally, the properties both in solution and at the solid state of dispersions and films, in particular, their thermomechanical and rheological properties, will be evaluated. This work will be supervised by Daniel Taton, from Team 1 of the LCPO, which is entitled "Catalyses and Polymerization Engineering" in collaboration with Sébastien Lecommandoux from the "Self-assembly of polymers and Life sciences" team (team 3 of LCPO).