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New methods for the synthesis of polyurethane mediated by light

New methods for the synthesis of polyurethane mediated by light figure

Category: Ph. D.

Duration: 36 months

Team: Biopolymers and bio-sourced polymers

Funding: ANR, NCO-innov

Laboratory: LCPO and ISM (Bordeaux)

Applicant profile

We are looking for a highly motivated student holding a Master degree in organic and/or macromolecular synthesis. A know-how in photo-chemistry would be a plus. Teamwork abilities and good skills in English are required.
Applicants are invited to submit a complete CV and a motivation letter to Prof. Henri Cramail and Dr. Thomas Vidil. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

Project summary

This Ph.D. thesis is part of an ANR project, NCO-innov, whose objective is to develop new methods to access isocyanates and their derivatives, urethanes and polyurethanes (PU), from cheap and notably bio-sourced raw materials. PU is a widely used class of commodity polymers prepared industrially by adding polyols to polyisocyanates. As the latter are carcinogenic, new routes to PU must be considered.
This project is based on a collaboration between the team of Prof. Yannick Landais at the ISM and the team of Prof. Henri Cramail at LCPO, a long-lasting and fruitful partnership. Very innovative methods for the greener synthesis of urethanes mediated by visible-light have been recently described by this consortium [1].
Building on this expertise, the role of the Ph.D. candidate will be to develop new methods for the synthesis of polyurethanes using light stimuli. He or she will have the opportunity to work at the interface of photo-chemistry and polymer chemistry. The first part of this multidisciplinary project will be devoted to the development of a photocatalytic system adapted to the synthesis of thermoplastic as well as thermosetting polyurethanes. Ultimately, the candidate will explore the potential of this chemistry in applications including foaming and lithography technologies.

[1] Chem. Commun., 2018, 54, 9337-9340