We are always looking for highly-motivated individuals to join the LCPO! Interested undergraduate and graduate students can apply to the following offers. They are also strongly encouraged to contact LCPO's researchers directly.

Postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral positions figure

Category: Post docs

Duration: 12 months, starting: Fall 2020, late January 2021

Team: Polymer materials for Electronic, Energy, Information and Communication Technologies

Salary: About 2.5 k€ gross per month

Funding: EU funding, H2020

Applicant profile

Applicants should hold a PhD in Polymer or Organic Chemistry with solid expertise in techniques from the synthesis to the characterization. Specific knowledge in electrochemistry is mostly desired. Team capability and good skills in English are required.

Project summary

Within a European H2020 FET-OPEN project we seek to design and synthesize conjugated polymers that target bio-electronic applications. In particular, the polymers that will be synthesized during this post-doctoral appointment will be integrated in devices interfacing plants and other photosynthetic organisms. We are looking for an expert in polymer synthesis, with a strong background in organic chemistry. Prior experience on conjugated polymers and, specifically, PEDOT-based polymers will be valuable. Expertise on all necessary physicochemical characterizations (e.g. 1H NMR, SEC, UV-vis spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, etc.) is required. Skills on electrochemistry and cyclic voltammetry will be appreciated.