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Remendable silicon materials (ESPCI/industry collaboration)

Remendable silicon materials (ESPCI/industry collaboration) figure

Category: Post docs

Duration: 12 months

Team: Biopolymers and bio-sourced polymers

Salary: Starting from 2300 € (gross salary)

Funding: Industrial partner

Laboratory: LCPO

Applicant profile

We are looking for a highly motivated chemist, ready to interact with academic and industrial partners with the same enthusiasm. Applicants should hold a PhD in Polymer or Organic Chemistry with solid expertise molecular and macromolecular synthesis as well as common methods of characterization of the molecular and thermomechanical properties of polymers. A know-how in reactive extrusion will be a plus.

Project summary

The recruited post-doc will join the team “biopolymers and bio-sourced polymers” from the LCPO to develop new silicon materials that are physically crosslinked and remendable in a precise temperature range. The project will be carried out in collaboration with the ESPCI (Paris, Prof. Ludwik Leibler) and an industrial partner. The first objective of the work will be to synthesize silicon polymers with well controlled architectures. The thermo-mechanical properties of these polymers will then be fully characterized. A third aspect of the work will be to verify the possibility to scale-up the synthesis of the polymers. Beyond the industrial context, the project wants to address fundamental aspects of the physico-chemistry of polymers, notably the rationalization of the reactive compatibilization of highly incompatible polymers (e.g. PDMS and semi-crystallin polymers).