We are always looking for highly-motivated individuals to join the LCPO! Interested undergraduate and graduate students can apply to the following offers. They are also strongly encouraged to contact LCPO's researchers directly.

Research Engineer in Materials Chemistry

Research Engineer in Materials Chemistry figure

Category: Post docs

Duration: 12 months

Team: Polymer materials for Electronic, Energy, Information and Communication Technologies

Salary: according to experience

Laboratory: LCPO

Contacts : Cyril Brochon

Applicant profile

Applicants should hold a PhD with good experience in polymer chemistry (particularly in heterogeneous polymerization techniques). Good skills in colloids science is also recommended. Candidates with a master's degree in Material/Polymer Science and several years as engineer will be also considered.

Project summary

In the framework of an industrial partnership, the LCPO laboratory offers a position for a research engineer/ post-doctorate for a period of one year (extendable) from November 2020. The project concerns the development of electrophoretic displays. This involves synthesizing hybrid pigments (inorganic / polymer) and dispersing them in a non-polar medium in order to obtain electrophoretic inks.

All hybrid pigments will be characterized and formulated to obtain electrophoretic inks. The inks will also be characterized in terms of stability, electrophoretic mobility and optical properties with a view to their integration in displays.