The laboratory is a joint research unit (UMR5629) of the University of BordeauxCNRS, and Bordeaux National Polytechnic Institute. The LCPO is located on two sites, one at the ENSCBP, one at the B8 building of the campus of the University of Bordeaux. LCPO employs around 120 people, among which 7 CNRS researchers, 18 assistant, associate, and full professors of the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux National Polytechnic Institute, 15 administrative and scientific staff members, and around 80 PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and visitors.




December 5th 2017: Margot Stasse doing her PhD thesis with Dr Valérie Héroguez (LCPO Team 1) and Dr Véronique Schmitt (CRPP) was awarded the Best Poster prize on “Double emulsion for the encapsulation of lipophilic active components” at the 18th Days of the Formulation division of the French Chemical Society in Nice!


November 22nd 2017: Ariane Peyret who just defended her PhD thesis in LCPO Team3 supervized by Pr Sébastien Lecommandoux won the 2017 PhD Thesis prize of the Aquitaine section of the French Chemical Society, after having also won the regional final of MT180 last April!


February 8th 2017: Team 4 Leader Pr Georges Hadziioannou was elected member of the American National Academy of Engineering ‘for foundational discoveries and insights enabling the development of polymers with advanced functionality and performance’


July 8th 2016: LCPO achievements and innovations for sustainable chemistry are highlighted on Instagram!


May 13th 2016: LCPO is founding member of INCREASE, the International Consortium on Eco-conception and Renewable Resources: this network between public laboratories, R&D centers and industrial companies aims at tackling the challenges in green chemistry and boosting innovation on the preparation of bio-sourced building blocks for sustainable materials and products.


Pr. Timothy J. Deming’s inaugural lecture as Fulbright-Tocqueville Distinguished Chair 2016 at the Univ. Bordeaux was given on Monday May 2nd on the “Design of new synthetic biomaterials for regenerative medicine”.


Mrs Zheng Zhang’s and her PhD supervisor Dr Gilles Sèbe (Team 2) received the 2014 Award of Innovative Techniques for the Environment founded by ADEME at the Pollutec show in Lyon for their work on the silylation of nanocellulose foams to prepare supersorbant media for spilled oil recovery published in Chemistry of Materials, in collaboration with the EMPA research center in Switzerland. Their prize recipiency was highlighted by the University of Bordeaux (in French).


Pr Georges Hadziioannou and his team at LCPO (Team 4) won the 2013 Prize of the French science magazine “La Recherche” in the chemistry category for their work on the use of block copolymers to stabilize organic photovoltaic cells (OPV), published in Advanced Materials in April 2012. Wath the video of their prize recipiency! Recent highlights on printed transparent electrodes for flexible OLED and OPV devices have been reported in the OSADIRECT newsletter.


An exclusive license on a Nanotechnology which improves the efficacy of anti-tumoral agents by targeting their action into tumors has been signed on December 9th, 2013 between Adocia and LCPO. This technology based on polysaccharide-b-polypeptide block copolymers was developed in the team of Pr Sébastien Lecommandoux (Team 3).


Pr Georges Hadziioannou’s team (Team 4) takes part to the European PLACYD consortium led by Arkema to address direct self-assembly (DSA) nano-lithography.