Anne-Laure Wirotius

Anne-Laure Wirotius picture

Category: Engineers

Status: Engineer

Employer: CNRS

Team: Polymerization catalyses and engineering

Location: ENSCBP building A office N1-16

+33 5 56 84 79 04


 Responsibility of the two NMR spectrometers of the laboratory


Education and experience

NMR engineer at LCPO since december 2010, DE. Anne-Laure WIROTIUS develops sequences on polymer studies (DOSY, quantitative silicium, presaturation, …) for the LCPO students and researchers, and for contracting companies.

Since may 2017, she started a PhD thesis under supervision by Prof. D. TATON on “Heterogeneous and semi-heterogenous supports from polymers containing N-heterocyclic carbenes for organic and organometallic catalysis”

Latest publications