Daniele Mantione

Daniele Mantione picture

Category: PhDs and Post-docs

Status: Postdoctoral researcher

Employer: University of Bordeaux

Team: Polymer materials for Electronic, Energy, Information and Communication Technologies

Supervisor: Georges Hadziioannou

Location: B8-Bu3-East

(0033) 5 40 00 30 96


Key research areas: His research is particularly oriented to innovative polymer synthesis in the field of semi-conductivity and self-assembly


Education and experience

He earned his B.S. in Chemical Sciences with an experimental-bibliographic thesis entitled "The aza Diels-Alder cycloaddition and the Ruthenium tetroxide: a history that leads on γ-lactams" in the 2011 and his M.S. in Chemistry with experimental thesis entitled "Synthesis of nucleoside analogues via 4-hydroxycyclopent-2-enone" in 2013, both of them in organic chemistry at the University of Pavia (Italy) under the guidance of Prof. Paolo Quadrelli. He received the international Ph.D cum laude from the University of the Basque country (UPV/EHU-Spain) with a thesis titled “Study of conductive polymer for bioelectronics” in the 2017 under the supervision of Prof. David Mecerreyes and Prof. Haritz Sardon. After an internship in IBM Almaden (California, USA) under the supervision of Dr. James Hedrick he moved to the University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) in the group of Prof. Andrew Dove. Since 2019 he earned a Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie actions individual fellowship in the group of Prof. Georges Hadziioannou at the University of Bordeaux (Université de Bordeaux, France).