Undergraduated internships at LCPO

The subjects can be viewed on the websites of the Licence and Master degrees in chemistry of the University of Bordeaux.


PhD Theses at LCPO

– 2017/Team2/PhD1: Lignine functionalization for biobased thermoset resins (in French)


All the proposed subjects are listed on the websites of the Bordeaux Doctoral School in Chemistry Sciences (EDSC) and the International Doctoral School in Functional Materials.

Post-doctoral positions available at LCPO

-2017/Team3/Postdoc1: Recombinant elastin-like polypeptides as precision polymer scaffolds towards synthetic glycoconjugates

-Check-out also the opportunities (from 2-month internships to 3-year Junior Chair fellowships) on the webpage of the clusters of excellence (LabEx) of the University of Bordeaux.



Research engineer positions available at LCPO

– 2016/Topic4: Engineer in materials synthesis & engineering to develop new innovative commercial products within the PLIIS ANR LabCom project