• Ph.D. Defense Marie Devreux

    - - UMONS, Visio

    MRI and FLuorescence Image-Guided Drug Delivery by pH-Sensitive Polymer Nanocarriers

  • Ph.D. Defense Anouk Martin

    - - Amphi 1, ENSMAC

    Microfluidic-assisted self assembly of biocompatible polymersomes: size control, drug-loading and self-assembly mechanism

  • BPS Prof. Roeland Nolte

    - - Amphi 1 ENSMAC

    Mastering Molecular Matter. Design and Synthesis of Supramolecular Materials and Catalysts

  • Demi-journée scientifique du LCPO


  • Ph.D. Defense Diana Kazaryan

    - - Amphi 1, ENSMAC

    Synthesis of amphiphilic linear and comb-like terpolymers with epoxidized double-bonds and their self-assembly into magnetic vesicles with shape fixing ability under UV cross-linking