Platform Polymer Characterization - POLYCAR

Presentation of the Platform

Drawing on a full set of equipments and on the expertise of LCPO's technical departments, the platform offers analytical services in polymer characterization, with a multi-technique and multi-scale approach.

Our specificity is to offer, in the same environment, (macro)molecular characterization of polymers, notably by NMR, IR, UV/Vis, light scattering and chromatography, as well as physico-chemical characterization of polymer materials via thermomechanical analysis and rheological measurements. Our expertise in the formulation of polymers - in solution, in the solid state or under thin films - enables us to investigate their physico-chemical properties at different scales (Microscopy).

Full list of LCPO Equipments


The LCPO platform offers a unique range of services and skills to academic partners in France and abroad, as well as to industrial partners, including major chemical groups, start-ups and SMEs. The services offered come in a variety of formats:

- Analysis and research services, particularly for industrial clients

- Participation in research projects (research contracts, ANR)

- Provision of equipment and training on their use

Contact for Information

For all inquiries, please contact Frédérique HAM-PICHAVANT (Research Engineer, Université de Bordeaux), platform manager, who will be responsible for quotations and customer services.