IUT de Bordeaux

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The IUT of Bordeaux is a branch of the Université de Bordeaux dedicated to the formation of technician. 


LCPO staff teaching at UB3 full professors, 1 associate and assistant professors

LCPO staff employed by the institution1 full professors

Program in Polymer Science

Materials Science and Engineering speciality (SGM)

General objective :

  • The Materials Science and Engineering speciality responds to the needs arising from the contemporary evolution of materials:

    • Metallic materials
    • Polymers and plastics
    • Glass, ceramics
    • composites
    • multi-materials
    • agro-materials: bio-polymers, bio-composites, bio-sourced materials
  • It addresses the scientific and technical aspects of knowledge, characterization, design, eco-design and transformation of materials.

The program in Polymer Science includes :

  • General aspects and fundamental concepts of polymer chemistry and physics
  • Polymer synthesis and polymerization processes
  • Mechanical and rheological properties of polymers
  • Laboratory classes in polymer chemistry and physics 

LCPO faculties involved in the program: Michel Dumon