Inauguration of the ELORPrintTec platform

On Monday 6 February 2017, the ELORPrintTec equipment of excellence, directed by Georges Hadziioannou was inaugurated on the Talence campus.

ELORPrintTec is a unique research platform designed to meet the challenges of flexible and printable organic electronics. It allows to respond to the issues raised by companies and academic researchers.

What are its fields of application?

By combining current skills in electronics, nanotechnologies, nanosciences and materials synthesis, this platform, unique in Europe, covers both knowledge and value chains: understanding new materials, formulations, implementation, innovation, engineering, industrialisation, production and marketing. 

This broad spectrum opens up many markets in a variety of fields:

  • energy: photovoltaics, which provide alternative energy sources and energy-efficient lighting that can reduce the carbon footprint, as well as energy recovery systems based on the thermoelectric phenomenon.
  • health: sensors, ion pump for targeted delivery of active ingredients
  • digital: displays, flexible e-books, technology that will revolutionize electronic documents and connected objects
  • environment: manufacturing processes for the new generation of electronics that are energy and raw material efficient, preferably non-fossil based.

I had a dream, it took a long time, we made it come true.

Georges Hadziioannou -Director of ELORPrintTec