IONBIKE proposes a research and staff exchange program will promote international and intersectorial collatorations in the topic of “Innovative Iongels for Bioelectronics”. The european consortium is formed by 4 European beneficiaries from which three are academic institutions such as University of the Basque Country (Spain), University of Cambridge (UK) and University of Bordeaux (France) and a high-tech company in bioelectronics named Panaxium from France and 5 institutions from third countries such as CONICET (Argentina), UCIMED (Costa Rica), Deakin University (Australia), KAUST (Saudi Arabia) and Georgia Tech (USA). The project proposes an intensive research and networking program between the european and non-european institutions in the area of new materials for bioelectronics. The scientific project tries to combine in a synergic manner the unique technical expertises of the different nodes. World pioneers in the areas of ionic liquids, iongels, (semi)conducting polymers, advanced materials characterization and (bio)electronic devices will work together towards a common goal. The project will pursue the development of devices for health and fitness monitoring such as long-lasting electrodes for electrophysilogical recordings for brain, heart and muscular activity or new all-solid organic electrochemical transitors. The exchange of Know-How will promotes the development of excellence science and innovation and helps to turn creative ideas into innovative products which will be exploited by the participating company PANAXIUM.