Post-Petroleum Materials (PPM) among the 7 major research programs (GPR label) selected by the University of Bordeaux for funding

Post-Petroleum Materials (PPM) is one of the 7 major research programs (with the label GPR in French) which has just been selected by the University of Bordeaux (UB) for funding: Click here for the official annoucement
PPM falls under the prospect for developing sustainable materials on the basis of a "circular chemistry", the aim of which being to promote a more efficient and less energy-consuming chemistry of materials, minimizing waste, favoring the use of bio-resources, recycling, and in situ monitoring during their usage and/or degradation. PPM is planned for 8 years and is backed on to the department of UB named “Matter and Radiation Sciences” (French abbreviation: SMR). It brings together roughly 140 researchers from different fields, mostly chemists and physicists, from 11 research laboratories located on the UB campus. The CNRS and Bordeaux INP are the two other institutions involved. PPM will be coordinated by Prof. Daniel Taton.