Florian Aubrit

Florian Aubrit picture

Category: Alumni

Status: Postdoctoral researcher

Employer: CNRS

Team: Polymer self-assembly and life sciences

Supervisor: Olivier Sandre

Location: N2-23

+33 5 56 84 79 56


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Key Research Area : Nanoparticle synthesis - Hybrid nanostructures - Self-assembly - Plasmonics - Magnetism

Post-doc Project : Anisotropic multifunctional nanostructures for theranostics and their characterization with depolarized DLS


education and experience

During a three-years formation at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris, Florian Aubrit got involved in materials chemistry through various internship in the fields of metallic and inorganic-based nanomaterials. He completed this experience with a PhD in Soft Matter Chemistry at the Commissariat de l’Énergie Atomique (CEA) in Saclay and the University of Bordeaux, about the development of plasmonic metamaterials made from the self-assembly of block copolymers and gold nanostructures. He has now joined the LCPO within the framework of the European M-Era.Net project “Flexible Magnetic Filaments” (FMF) in close partnership with Cordouan Technologies, and aims at the development of both hybrid organic-metallic anisotropic structures for theranostics and the appropriate characterization techniques for such systems.

Teaching activities

Florian supervises practical laboratory experiments on nanomaterials or 3D-printing at the BSc and MSc levels of the University of Bordeaux.

Scientific production

2 papers, 1 patent, various communications