Valentin Maingret

Valentin Maingret picture

Category: Alumni

Status: PhD candidate

Employer: University of Bordeaux

Team: Polymerization catalyses and engineering

Supervisor: Valérie Héroguez

Location: N1-19


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Key Area Research : Pickering emulsions - Stimuli-responsive systems - Polysaccharide modification - Encapsulation - Formulation - Nanoparticles synthesis

Thesis Project : Formulation and polymerization of Pickering emulsions stabilized with stimuli-responsive nanoparticles made of dextran


Education and experience

Valentin Maingret graduated from the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris - ENSCP / Chimie ParisTech - Paris Sciences et Lettres" in 2018. He received his master degree in chemical engineering and soft matter from "Sorbonne Université - Paris" the same year.