Cédric Le Coz

Cédric Le Coz picture

Category: Engineers

Status: Research engineer

Employer: CNRS

Team: Biopolymers and bio-sourced polymers

Location: N1-17

33 (0)5 56 84 61 93


Expertises: Micro-Compounder-Injection System – Thermal Analysis – Thermomechanical Tests – Rheology – Laser/Light Spectroscopy

Responsability of the Mechanical and Thermal Analyses, and of the Spectroscopies Platforms



Education and experience

Cédric Le Coz is a CNRS engineer. He received a technological B.Sc. degree in industrial chemistry in 2000, with a specialization in polymer science, and a M.Sc. degree with a specialization in chemistry sciences “aggregates and colloids” in 2003, both from the University of Bordeaux. In 2009, he joined LCPO as non-permanent engineer to elaborate and characterize polymers materials in the context of public/private partnerships. In 2013, he got a CNRS engineer position in LCPO Team 1 Polymerization Catalyses & Engineering, to take care of the Thermomechanical and Spectroscopy Services. He is currently member of LCPO Team 2 Biopolymers & Bio-sourced Polymers.

Achievements and functions

He coordinates LCPO “Equipment” Committee. He is also member of the LCPO Administrative Board and LCPO “Vie de Laboratoire” Committee.