Team 2 : Biopolymers and bio-sourced polymers

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The ‘Biopolymers & bio-based polymers’ team is constituted of polymer chemists, together with organic chemists and physico-chemists having strong knowledges in the field of biomass.  The team is headed by Prof. Henri Cramail and involves Prof. Stéphane Grelier, Véronique Coma, Etienne GrauGilles Sèbe, Thomas Vidil, Frédérique Ham-Pichavant, and Cédric Le Coz.
Taking into account the methodologies and concepts of green chemistry, the objectives of the team are both to valorize the biomass for the design of high value-added ‘synthons’ & polymers and to design functional bio-based polymeric materials with original features for sustainable technologies.
Our research projects are today organized around three main axes, declined as follows:

  • Biomass deconstruction and ‘controlled’ depolymerization of biopolymers
  • Polymer synthesis from bio-based building blocks
  • Functional bio-based materials and sustainability

Our research activities are both fundamental and industry oriented. We strive to contribute to the forefront of polymer chemistry knowledge, while collaborating with many industrial partners interested in the latest advances of bio-sourced chemistry.

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