Labex Amadeus - Biosourced Ionic Liquids

Advanced MAterials by DEsign

Description: AMADEus is a worldwide-recognized cluster of the University of Bordeaux in materials science, engineering and technology, carrying out scientific research and innovation at the interfaces of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.

It gathers highly experienced research teams from the University of Bordeaux, with the expectation to achieve major break-throughs in three main fields; (i) Organic electronics, in order to switch from silicon-based to organic semiconductors, which are much more flexible and can be formulated in the form of inks; (ii) Metamaterials, which are artificial composite materials with extraordinary electromagnetic and acoustic properties; and (iii) Bioactive materials, which may serve as matrices to conduct tissue regeneration, and to support cell transplantation in implants by means of tissue engineering.

In this framework, our Team, in collaboration with Team 1, is developing new biosourced ionic liquids and poly(ionic liquids) that can be used to develop advanced materials, espescially in the field of organic electronics.