Bio-based Polymers from Vegetable Oils

This research topic involves Henri Cramail, Etienne Grau, Stéphane Grelier and Thomas Vidil.

At the LCPO, we focus on using different sustainable resources such as vegetable oil to produce a wide range of polymers. In this purpose, chemical modifications of these renewable feedstock materials are performed to produce monomers (building blocks) in agreement with the green chemistry concept such as atom efficient method, catalysis, CO2 chemistry…

Subsequently we study their polymerizations using various polymerization routes (ADMET, polyaddition, anionic polymerization…) and processes (bulk, miniemulsion, solution) in order to obtain renewable polymers of all kinds (linear, 3D networks, block copolymers, hyperbranched, latexes …). Finally the properties of these polymers are investigated.

Since 2007 a partnership with ITERG was built up for a scale up at the CEDOP platform of all monomers & polymers developed by LCPO.

A webminar about the economic potentialities of biosourced polymers can also be watched (in French)