Jean-François LE MEINS

Associate Professor
Univ. Bordeaux


Block copolymer self-assembly


Bio-inspired vesicular structures


Tuning of membrane properties


Polymer-lipid hybrid vesicles


Rheology of complex fluids


Supramolecular networks

Education and experience


Dr. Jean-François Le Meins received a PhD degree in Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Polymers in 2000 at the University of Le Mans on a subject focused on rheological behavior of transient networks supervised by Pr J-F. Tassin in the Laboratory of Polymers and Colloids. Then he completed several postdoctoral fellowships: at the KUL (Leuven, Belgium, 2000-2001), at the pharmaceutical faculty of Montpellier (2001-2002) and at the ESPCI (Paris,  2002-2003) on different topics ranging from colloidal suspensions in viscoelastic matrix (PI: Pr J. Mewis), to copolymers used as superplasticizers in cement media (PI: Dr F. Lafuma).
He joined LCPO at the University of Bordeaux in September 2003, where he first worked on the synthesis and self-assembly of polysaccharide based-block copolymers. His current research mainly focuses on the self-assembly of copolymers and lipids, especially the development of bio-inspired hybrid polymer/phospholipid vesicles, their membrane nano-structuration, properties and their use in different fields (drug delivery, molecular recognition, nano/microreactor…). He defended his habilitation in 2014 on “Self-assembled copolymer-lipid hybrid structures”.


Awards and responsabilities


He was local coordinator of ANR project KBT (“Kinetics of particle Translocation across self-assembled Bilayers”) led by Dr C. Marques at the ICS (Strasbourg) in 2013-2016. From 2006 to 2015, he was the director of an undergraduate degree in chemical technology of the University of Bordeaux, dedicated to the education of technicians for the polymer formulation industry.


Scientific Production


Dr. Jean-François Le Meins is coinventor of 1 patent licensed to cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.
He gave more than 30 communications in national and international congresses and co-authored 41 publications (H-factor 24) as listed on the HAL database, ScopusAuthor ID, andORCIDAuthor ID