Bio-inspired and biomimetic polymersome-T cell conjugates: a biohybrid concept combining cell therapy and vectorization

Description : The aim of the POLYCELL project is to develop "hybrid" systems combining the latest approaches to nanomedicine and cell therapy. Polymersomes will be conjugated to T-lymphocytes γδ to increase their accumulation in organs infected with CMV (Cytomegalovirus), an opportunistic pathogen of immunosuppressed people. The Immuno ConcEpT team has demonstrated the antiviral role of T lymphocytes γδ which it knows how to isolate and amplify. The LCPO has developed polymersomes that are very stable and impermeable, but can break under light radiation with unprecedented control in time and space. Thus, the release of a therapeutic active (here ganciclovir, an antiviral with high toxicity and low bioavailability) can be induced in a controlled manner. The original combination of these two approaches will make it possible to develop a breakthrough technology that can be extended to other pathologies involving a role for lymphocytes.

Collaboration : ImmunoConcEpT (UMR 5164), Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM, UMR 5255)