Smart polymer ferrotronic materials for environmental monitoring and energy conversion

The University of Bordeaux and four industrial partners - ARKEMA, ISORG, SURYS and VALEO - are joining forces to leverage the exquisite functional properties of electroactive polymers in the field of Printed Ferrotronics Engineering, i.e., the association of electronic and ferroelectric organic materials into dedicated applicative demonstrators. Selected and cofunded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), the SMILE (Smart Polymer Ferrotronic Materials for Environmental Monitoring and Energy Conversion) industrial chair will be dedicated to the design of innovative materials for environmental monitoring and energy conversion. It will rely on a solid existing scientific expertise acquired in the field of materials science and engineering with a focus on polymeric materials for electronics, and on two platforms of the University of Bordeaux: ELORPrintTec (Printing technologies for organic electronics) and VIA-INNO (technology intelligence). The SMILE industrial chair will aim at answering critical tendencies and needs in autonomous sensing, environmental monitoring and smart actuations while providing innovative solutions through printing technologies and the use of organic materials for environmental concerns