Tcell conjugatEd PolymErsomE

Description : The main objective of the multidisciplinary TEPEE project concerns the design of “hybrid” systems that combine the most advanced and promising developments in nanomedicine and cell therapy. As such, custom-made functional polymersomes (polymer vesicles/microcapsules) will be covalently conjugated to lymphocytes (γδ T cells) in order to increase their accumulation in specific organs that are infected by the Cytomegalovirus virus (CMV). The global objective of the TEPEE project is to develop drug delivery systems that under a simple photo-irradiation will allow the release of an active therapeutic in a controlled fashion. Through TEPEE, the proof of concept will be established on the CMV model, but importantly, this innovative medical approach can subsequently be further generalized and applied to a range of other diseases implying a major role of lymphocytes.

Funding: ANR-19-CE18-0024 

Partner : ImmunoConcEpT (UMR 5164), Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM, UMR 5255)