Pedro Salas Ambrosio

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Category: Alumni

Status: PhD candidate

Employer: Université de Bordeaux

Team: Polymer self-assembly and life sciences

Supervisor: Colin Bonduelle

Location: N2-23

+33 5 56 84 79 56


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Key Research Area : N-carboxyanhydride (NCA) - Ring-opening polymerization (ROP) - Antimicrobial polymeric scaffolds

Thesis Project : Polypeptoids as simplified polymeric analogues of natural antimicrobial peptides

Co-supervised by Pierre Verhaeghe from LCC (Toulouse, France)


education and experience

Pedro Salas-Ambrosio graduated as MSc in 2015 at the faculty of chemistry Faculty, UNAM, Mexico City, in material sciences. His master thesis was conducted in the Materials Institute Research (IIM), under the supervision of Ricardo Vera and consisted in developing of scaffolds for tissues engineering using electrospinning processes with biopolymers such as collagen and polycaprolactone. He is currently a PhD student in France at the University of Bordeaux to design new polymeric scaffolds based on amino-acids and able to fight nosocomial diseases. His PhD project is supervised by Colin Bonduelle and Pierre Verhaeghe and includes a close collaborative effort with Bruno Dupuy from the Institut Pasteur.