Annette Delices

Annette Delices picture

Category: PhDs and Post-docs

Status: Postdoctoral researcher

Employer: ADERA

Team: Polymer materials for Electronic, Energy, Information and Communication Technologies

Supervisors: Cyril Brochon, Guillaume Fleury, √Čric Cloutet

Location: B8-Bu3-East

(00 33) 5 40 00 31 84



Education and Experience

Annette DELICES obtained her PhD in materials chemistry in 2017 from Paris Cité University under the supervision of Prof. M. Jouini (ITODYS, Paris Cité University - France) and Prof. A.Hagfeldt (EPFL - Switzerland) working on cost-effective hole transporting materials and highly efficient organic dyes for solid-state dye-senzitized solar cells. Then, in February 2018, she did a post-doc at CEA Grenoble on semiconductor nanocrystal – plasmonic nanoparticles bound by DNA for a precise and tunable control of the optical properties. This project was supervised by Prof. K.Kheng (PHELIQS/NPSC) in collaboration with DR Y.Hou-Broutin (CREAB/SyMMES) and DR P.Reiss (STEP/SyMMES). Since October 2022, Annette Delices is working on multifunctional anti-reflective coating as postdoctoral researcher.