Smart and multiFunctional 3D printable prO-Regenerative biologiCal matrix modulating mEchanotRansduction as advancEd theraPy to treAt skIn chRonic wounds


Due to population lifestyle changes, i.e. obesity, diabetes and aging population, chronic wounds (CW) which fail to follow the typical healing process are major medical socioeconomic challenges. Current wound management is clearly insufficient and advanced therapies failed in keeping their promise of reliable skin regeneration. The aim of FORCE REPAIR is to develop a smart and multifunctional wound dressing providing pro-regenerative environment and mechanical stability to treat CW. Thus, FORCE REPAIR will combine state-of-the-art technologies in a biological scaffold tailored to patient’s needs:

  • Antibacterial and bioadhesive bioink with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory loaded nanocapsules
  • Elastin-like polypeptides (ELP) promoting innervation and vascularization
  • Wharton Gel Complex (WGC) preventing oxidative stress and boosting key extracellular matrix proteins

Furthermore, the dressing activated by UV light will induce contractile force to help wound closure and activate skin regeneration. A customized 3D bioprinter with a user-friendly 3D trajectory software will help to strategically placed the biological compounds to timely address and mitigate the degenerative process occurring in CW (infection, inflammation, tension forces to promote skin regeneration).

Collaboration: FORCE REPAIR will be carried out by a consortium of 14 different partners from 7 EU member countries, selected to put together state-of-the-art advanced therapies and technologies, with the necessary knowledge in biological, cellular and immunology mechanisms, biomaterials chemical design, 3D additive manufacturing, digitalization, regulation and business.

Funding: EU Horizon 2026 Grant Agreement No. 101092243