NextPV-II is a French-Japanese international research project (IRP CNRS INC/INSIS) that is a continuation of the former associated international laboratory of the same name (LIA NextPV, 2012-2018). It brings together the expertise and skills of the teams of the photovoltaic institute Ile de France (IPVF, former Photovoltaic Research Federation), the C2N and the University of Bordeaux (i.e. UMR units LCPO, ISM and IMS), the LAAS and the ILV/University of Versailles for the French side and the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) of the University of Tokyo for the Japanese counterpart. NextPV-II’s research projects focus on 4 main areas: solar cells of type III-V, hybrid and perovskite solar cells, integrated systems and analytical methods, characterization and simulation of these solar cells.

E. Cloutet is the coordinator since Januray 2020