Vaïana Royer

Vaïana Royer picture

Key research areas : RAFT, copolymers, elastic films



Education and experience

Vaïana Royer obtained her engineer degree in 2018 at ENSCBP in chemicals and physics with the specialty “polymers and formulation”. She had an experience in 2017 at AkzoNobel in UK, working on the development of new aqueous copolymers for solvent-free coating technology. Then in 2019, she worked at CRES (Research center of Total) in Lyon, as a research engineer for the development of new formulations of engine products through optimization of polymer components. Finally, she was recruited by the LCPO in November 2020 as an engineer (IE) in teams 1 and 3, headed respectively by Daniel Taton and Sébastien Lecommandoux, working on Elastic films from copolymer dispersions.