Polymer synthesis and purification

LCPO is devoloping methods of polymerization for decades. We possess the know-how to perform  anionic, cationic, coordination and radical (ATRP, RAFT…) polymerization as well as ring-opening polymeristion and step-growth polymerization. As a global objective we aim to the control of the final polymers topology (e.g. star, bloc, cyclic…) and/or polymer particles. We have all the equipments to handle any kind of monomers (e.g. acrylates, styrene,oxirane, ethylene…). 


  • Solvent Purification Systems with 10 different dry solvents available
  • Several autoclave to handle gazeous monomers or reagents (CO₂, H₂, NH₃, ethylene, butadiene, isoprene, ethylene oxide…)
  • Gloves boxes for sensitive systems
  • Cleanroom to perfom the synthesis in dust-free conditions
  • Advances activation systems: microwave, UV, ultra-sound reactors
  • Flow reactors for contineous synthesis of polymers and/or particles
  • 10L Scaling-up reactor