ENSMAC (ex ENSCBP) picture

Institution : Graduate School of Materials, Food and Chemistry Sciences  belonging to Bordeaux INP


A few words about ENSMAC: ENSMAC (ex ENSCBP, Graduate School of Chemistry, Biology and Physics) trains graduate engineers during a three-years program specialized in Chemistry, Food and Material Engineering. They go on to occupy top academic and industrial positions in fields related to chemistry, environment, energy, automotive, aeronautics and pharmaceutics. The school is strongly committed to advanced research and industrial partnerships. ENSMAC – Bordeaux INP’s engineering programs (Master’s – year 5) are open to students from around the world.

LCPO staff teaching at ENSMAC: 5 full professors, 7 associate and assistant professors, 2 CNRS researchers

LCPO staff employed by the institution: 2 full professors, 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professors and 1 engineer

Program in Polymer science

1rst and 2nd years : Core curriculum in polymer chemistry and physics

General objective :

  • Acquisition of the fundamental knowledges and technical know-how in polymer chemistry and physics

The program in Polymer Science includes :

  • General aspects and fundamental concepts of polymer chemistry and physics
  • Polymer synthesis and polymerization processes
  • Mechanical and rheological properties of polymers
  • Laboratory classes in polymer chemistry and physics    

3rd Year : Master of Science

MS - Applied Formulation of Polymers and Colloids

General objective :

  • Expertise in the design, synthesis and characterization of polymer and colloidal systems complying with the specifications of a given application

The program includes :

  • Part 1 - Formulation: General concepts, Tools and Methods
  • Part 2 - Nano- and meso-structuration of polymers and dispersed media
  • Part 3 - Formulated materials: analysis of the physico-chemical properties and macroscopic behavior related to the structure
  • Part 4 - industrial project

MS - CHEMIStry and bioengineering (common with enstbb)

General objective :

  • Expertise at the interface between Chemistry and Biology. Applications fields such as chemistry, environment, health, pharmacy, energy and material sciences are targeted.

The program includes :

  • Part 1 - The cell factory (proteins, biomimicry, metabolic engineering...)
  • Part 2 - Sustainable chemistry (enzymatic and organo catalysis, green chemistry)
  • Part 3 - Biomass (biorefinery, chemistry of natural products, biobased polymers, life cycle analysis)
  • Part 4 - industrial project


  • Biobased polymers in the Master of Science "Lipids and Industrial Applications" (Audrey Llevot)
  •  Mechanical and rheological properties of polymers in the 2nd work-study programm "Material Science, Composite Materials and Mechanical Engineering" (Stéphane Carlotti - Audrey Llevot)